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No Rest For The Wicked

It's a good sign when you're too busy with projects to talk about the projects you have going.

December saw the launch of my latest mini-series from Wunderman Comics, a historical fiction tale called Scoundrel. Hector Hernandez is the second son of the fledgling eastside Big Taco empire. With enormous care, the Hernandez family amassed a small fortune and a string of restaurants in the Spanish speaking side of town. A drunk driver on New Year's Eve cut their climb to greatness short, passing the business down to their responsible oldest son Oscar Jr. and the completely feckless younger son Hector.

scoundrel review image

What happens when someone with poor judgment and gets too much, too fast? You can find out in this four issue mini series with visuals by Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts. You can buy the latest issue on the Scoundrel page here on the site.

This runs alongside the almost completed Irrational Numbers (you can also buy the latest issue of that on that page as well) and I hope to have more to announce soon.

irrational numbers review image

What else? Well, you'll be able to buy the 80 page epic Menthu: The Anger of Angels in print (if you're in San Diego at Black Com!x Day) or purchase it digitally.

the cover for Menthu: The Anger of Angels

Two last things to note: both myself and my creative partner Quinn McGowan were asked to contribute to Comicmix's Mine! anthology benefitting Planned Parenthood alongside Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson, Gail Simone, John Ostrander, Mike Gold, Paul Levitz, Barbara Kesel, Mark Waid, Tee Franklin, Yona Harvey, Ann Nocenti, Jamal Igle, Joe Illidge, Kyle Baker and so, so many more amazing creators. In a story called "Everyday People," the Project Wildfire heroine Faze makes a stand for women's health. That's hella cool.

the cover for the Mine! Planned Parenthood benefit anthology

Finally, I was asked to return for Voices From Leimert Park Redux, the second look at poetry from the storied World Stage and its environs. I was in the first volume and while my poetry output has diminished over the last few years, it's good to keep my hand in.

the cover for Voices From Leimert Park Redux

Three big comic books, two anthologies, all running now, available in some way for you to consume. What are you doing here? Go buy something!

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